Our Story


Our Story

Way back, not so long ago, in 2010, after working for 14 years for the corporates, Niranjan Adyar thought its time to start his own venture. He put his thoughts into action and in few months time, he was all alone, left to challenge the dynamic and competitive market. December Creatives was born in his home, with a single PC. Logo designs and brand enhancements were the work norm at that time. Some of the mentionable clients that time were Akshar Power Yoga and Digiflic. Slowly he moved to a small office space in North Bangalore with one person as an assistant. That is when his good ol’ buddy Guruprasad, his own guru (mentor) came in to picture. He too was bitten by the corporate bug! and wanted to start on his own. A flash of light and thunder, sparks ignited, the frequency were matching. It was the birth of a partnership. They moved further north and started their office in Judicial layout. Under the project management expertise of Guruprasad, they were able to take December Creatives to the next level. From being only brand and website designing company, they expanded their venture in to digital marketing and help client improve lead rates. Today the company has a team of analysts, creative designers, coders, project managers and content writer. And continue to provide best solutions to the clients in this ever changing technological, economic and dynamic world.



Expertise lies in handling wide-ranging responsibilities, from directing concept to testing.Responsibility includes re-imagining and unifying the user interfaces of many related tools that are transitioning from heavy, native client implementations with a large, established customer base to contemporary web/mobile UI.
Bubbles with passion for creative design. Working across a wide range of disciplines, from identity and branding, print to web design. He approaches all projects with energy, enthusiasm and a belief that the initial idea is key to creating effective design solutions.
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