5 Reason why a Brand Identity is important?

5 Reason why a Brand Identity is important?

What is Corporate or Brand Identity?

Corporate Identity or Brand Identity is the visual representation of your business values. Having a strong corporate identity is essential for a successful business. For instance, when a potential customer walks into a super market, you would need your products to be standing out and to be chosen by them. This very requirement to standout requires a unique identity and to build a powerful identity in this every competitive market.

Brand Identity or Corporate Identity should call out the business objective and values through visual aids like logo, branding elements, taglines and many more. Choosing the right ideas and designs for your brand is vital to make it a successful and profitable one in the long run.

Why is Brand Identity Important?

1. Brand Image: Developing a positive image for the brand is an important element of brand identity. A brand identity that is easily recognizable and relatable creates a stronger brand image for your brand.

2. Positioning: A successful brand identity can give greater advantage of brand recalling . If the elements and the visuals used are the same, that will get etched in the minds of the customers easily.

3. Uniqueness: A brand identity creates a uniqueness for you amongst your competitors and is capable of getting you a position that is more advantageous. A strong corporate identity will let the potential customers remember you brand well.

4. Consistency: A well designed communication that is consistent across all the visual aids can save a lot of your marketing efforts. A consistency in communication will make the brand more recognizable and valuable.

5. Loyalty: Your business values should be clearly outlined by the brand identity. This will create a sense of trust in the market for your product and the customers will be able to relate the brand to your business values.

You could take the example of the well known brand – Dove. Dove with its simplistic logo and the blue color has made an iconic brand identity. The moment you see that in the display, you know that this is a trustable brand that has been in the market for a good long years and has loyal customers for it. This goes to show that their business proposition of giving away quality products is well expressed through their branding.

While you have the urge to create a successful and strong identity for your brand, identifying the right people to do it for you equally important. Choose the right people who could provide you a solution for all brand related issues and work with you closely.

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